Department of Finance

I. Department Overview

The Program of Finance of the College of Economics, Shenzhen University was rated as a provincial famous program by Guangdong province in 2002, and was approved as a National Featured Program by the Ministry of Education in 2010. In 1998, it was mandated to set up a postgraduate program.

The Department of Finance now has 21 full-time teachers, including 4 professors, 8 associate professors and 9 lecturers, among whom 16 have a doctorate degree and 15 are supervisors for doctoral and master programs. Most of the teachers have the experience of study, further study, exchanges or visit abroad, and some of them hold the position of vice president, executive director or director of national first-class associations, enjoying academic clout in the financial and related fields of China. Some teachers have won the titles of Guangdong Provincial Talent, Shenzhen Municipal Talent and Shenzhen Excellent Teacher, and awards like the Principal Teaching Award, and the first and second prizes of the School Teaching Award. The teachers have published dozens of academic monographs or textbooks, and hundreds of academic papers in authoritative journals in and outside of China. They have undertaken dozens of national, provincial and ministerial scientific research programs and educational reform programs, and won over 10 municipal or higher-level government awards and national society awards for their research achievements. All these achievements are inseparable from the dedicated faculty of teachers who boast an international vision, rich teaching experience and strong research abilities.

The Department of Finance adheres to a mix of mass and elite training modes, strengthens the training scheme of combining basic financial skills with other professional skills, and develop curriculum that connect theories with hands-on practices. At present, the Department offers the Program of Finance (single degree), Mathematical Finance Experimental Class (double degree) and CFA Program. The Department attaches equal importance to both theoretical and practical courses, coupled with internships and bilingual courses. Apart from internship bases for sectors like banking, securities, futures, and foreign exchange trading in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other places, the Department also sets up online training platforms covering banking, securities investment, foreign exchange trading, and futures trading. Benefiting from its sound training system, since 1987, the Department have provided more than 5,000 outstanding financial professionals to build career in industry, research and the service sector in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China and even abroad, making positive contributions to the building and development of financial markets.

II. Undergraduate Education

Training Objectives

The Department aims at training high-caliber professionals who:

  1. Are morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically well-developed and have excellent ideological and professional ethics.
  2. Have a solid grasp of the theoretical knowledge in economics and finance, business knowledge and professional skills in banking, securities, insurance, investment, financing, settlement, taxes, and develop a good sense of innovation and scientific literacy.
  3. Build career in industry, research, education in financial companies and institutions, and government agencies.

Main Courses

Political Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Insurance, Principles of Accounting, Public Finance, Probability and Statistics, Econometrics, Management and Administration of Commercial Banks, Securities Investment, Principles of Corporate Finance, International Finance, International Settlement, Financial Derivatives, Financial Engineering, Accountancy in Commercial Bank, Principles of Investment, Investment Project Evaluation, Principles of Risk Management, Behavioral Finance, Fixed-Income Securities, Tax Law, etc.


Bachelor of Economics (Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Science for graduates of Mathematical Finance Experimental Class)