Project Overview

With the continuous development of China's economy and the acceleration of financial internationalization, more and more institutions, including some non-financial institutions, are looking for CFA professionals in recruitment. According to Shenzhen's definition criteria for high-caliber professionals, people with CFA certificates who have served as a senior executive (above the deputy chief level) or chief analyst (or chief economist) of a Shenzhen-registered and Shenzhen-headquartered operational financial enterprise or tier-1 branch for more than 2 years can be certified as "regional leading talented professionals" and are eligible for relevant preferential policies in housing, spouse employment, children school enrollment, and other areas (for details, see

To meet the increasing demand for internationalized inter-disciplinary financial professionals, in 2017, the College of Economics set up the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Class of the finance major, and since then, it has achieved remarkable teaching results. This specialty class adopts a special fostering program and teaching plan, integrating the 10 courses of the CFA Level I examinations into the curriculum system of the finance major, in order to comprehensively and systematically cultivate students' professional caliber for finance. After obtaining the required credits of the fostering program, students can get the undergraduate graduation diploma and bachelor's degree in finance. Students who pass global unified examinations will get the corresponding CFA certificate of the corresponding level, which will lay the foundation for them to become CFA members.

On February 24, 2019, Wuliang Guangyan from the CFA Specialty Class, as a 2017-representative of the College of Economics, took part in the CFA Institute Challenge (a global investment analysis contest held by the CFA Institute) for the first time and achieved great results. Wuliang Guangyan collaborated with three other students to win the "Best Team Award". The CFA Institute Challenge is a full-English analysis and research competition program oriented to financial major students in colleges and universities around the globe. Every year, it invites topnotch colleges and universities to participate in the contest, during which students will be required to study and analyze the case of a listed company, present reports in writing and speaking, and be tested on how to advance stock research and company analysis in the best way.